Eva Elfie

Who is Eva Elfie and why don't we hear more of her? His “pop-up” outside of the hard took place in the Corriere del Veneto on which we find under the guise of supporter groupie of Venice.

As reported by the head, in fact, twenty-four year old Eva Elfie, long ago, has shared a picture of her on social wearing the shirt of the arancioverdisending it into a frenzy, and the supporters of the League team B. But who exactly is Eva Elfie and why everyone is so taken by his sensuality, and, above all, by its social channels prohibited?

We introduce you to Eva Elfie: the blonde young that's driving the web

Eva Elfie is a pseudonym. This comely porn star from long blonde tresses, she is 24 years old and is originally from Russia. Its popularity is international, if we count that can boast almost three million followers just on Instagram, not to speak of the success achieved by its scenes hard with the best directors in circulation. It is for this that is fully part of the 11 best pornstar young and that deserves a special section devoted to his career, and his innate skills hard.

A minute body, slender, revealing a sensuality creepy

Eva Elfie it has a small size. With 54 kilos, 163 centimeters tall is offered to the public as a very young uninhibited but certainly shy and a little girl. Her look expressed all the sensuality and the beauty of the typical the girl next door. It appears desirable in the guise of a student, is reserved, the first experiences with the sex to which conceals a desire that seems unbridgeable. In reality, underneath that costume made of pastel colors, hair and make-up teen there is a woman from the enormous sexual potential, able to send to wow thousands of fans around the world.

Eva Elfie: la sua carriera a cavallo tra social network, viaggi e moda

Find on the main social network in network as Instagram and Tik Tok where it shows the other face of his life, made trips, evenings with friends and casting hard. His way of communicating with the fans it's sensitive, human and always ready to listen to the desires of those following it since the beginning.

Her entry into porn came with 18 yearsafter having moved from Russia to Europe. In the interviews released to hundreds of magazines has always declared that, since she was a child, she adored being in front of a camera and show the world as it really is. The the choice of the kingdom hardinstead, it has a particular motivation if you are not the one to make her feel at home and experience sexuality as a gift to share and not to hide or prohibit.

Miss Russian Night to film hard-of-excellence

The year after he filmed his the first scene hard has attracted the attention of international and won the award of Miss Russian Night, a recognition that has permissions do get in touch with the market of porn and increase in popularity on Instagram, where, today, has a population of 3 million followers won in just three years. His genre of porn is teen, where sexual desire is born from the bodies of young people (of course, consenting adult), with complexions clear and smooth, tails between your hair, slip a little childish and long socks colorful.

And it is precisely this that Eva Elfie it is able to offer to its fans, offering hot scenes but to remain within a limit colourful and fairy-like, where sex and enjoyment are recited as early experiences forbidden by his youth and skirts to school. Eva Elfie it offers all of this and become known even outside of the hard sets, where the exhibition, in the form of vlogs, every aspect of her day.

The other side Eva Elfie

Is a young women multi-task given that he also works as a model, creator and influencer, especially after having raised the interest of the most prestigious fashion brand and make-up, with which, today, is actively collaborating. Another characteristic aspect of its popularity in the world hard is that pleasure also to the female audience. In fact, he's racked up the accolades both from the one who loves and enjoys his movements and his body is so slim and uninhibited, and who, instead, the following as the ideal of self-realization and personal growth.

Eva Elfietherefore , a multi-faceted and versatile, certainly in store for its fans with lots of surprises. We expect to see her on movie sets porn of the most prestigious and discover, with her, what will be its evolution in the genre teen, or if you want to discover other environments where you perform with sexual practices of a quite different category